How to get there

As in all Merith Aderthad, it is important to give some practical information about how to get to the venue from usual origins in Spain. Below we have included a list of suggestions for saving you some time in your planification of the journey. Naturally, this information is illustrative and the Mereth Aderthad organization takes no responsability of the issues sufferend in following these instructions. 

Bus Stations in Salamanca

Salamanca Bus Station is located in Avenida Filiberto Villalobos, 71, 15 minutes walk away from Plaza Mayor.
Shops and cafes can be found inside the station and in the inner harbours area.
Inside of it, there is a taxi stop and another one for buses. There the Line 7 Bus stops (Campus Unamuno-Prosperidad), which also stops in the train station.

Salamanca Train Station

Salamanca Train Station is located in 122 Paseo de la Estacion, 15-20 minutes walk away from Plaza Mayor. It is 24 hours open, and it counts with a small shopping centre inside of it.
Beside the station, there is a taxi station and another one for urban buses. There Line 1 buses (Estación - Tejares por Plaza), 11 (Garrido - San José), and 7 (Prosperidad - Campos Unamuno) stop. This last line stops in front of the Bus Station too.
There are also direct trains from Vitoria, Coimbra and Hendaya (France).

From Madrid

Train:  Medium distance: 3 hours
            Alvia: 1h 36 min 
            From Chamartin Station

Bus:    Express: 2h 30 min
            Normal: 3h 30min 
            From Barajas Airport, Avanzabus Company with stops in Terminal 1 and Terminal 1

Car: 2h 15 min (220 kms)


From Barcelona

Train:  Diary: 8h 
           Exit:12:00 – Arrival: 20:06
           From Sants Station to Salamanca Station

Bus: 11 hours

Plane:  Madrid or Valladolid airports, and from them there is a bus to Salamanca. Stops in terminals 1 and 4 (Avanzabus)

Car: 8 hours (845 kms)

From Valencia

Train and bus:  The bes rout would be to travel to Madrid and then stop in Chamartín or Mendez Álvaro (Estación Sur).

Plane: Madrid or Valladolid airports, and from them there is a direct bus to Salamanca. Stops in terminals 1 and 4 (Avanzabus).

Car: 5 hours 30 min (573 kms)

From Valladolid

Train:  Diary: 1h 17 min. journey
Bus: 1h 30 mint journey from the bus station in 2 Puente Colgante Street and 2h 11 min. from Villanubia airport.

Car: 1 hour 20 min (120 kms)

From Sevilla

Train: Two trains each hour from Santa Justa Station to Atocha (Madrid), 2h 30 min., and then a train Atocha-Salamanca.
Bus: Direct, 7 hours.

Plane: Direct flights from Madrid each 4 hours, with 1h 10 min. journey.

Car: 4 hours and 30 min by A-66 (462 kms)

From Zaragoza

Train: AVE-Long disance: 4h 
           AVE-Medium distance: 6h

Bus:   ALSA, between 7 and 8 hours (direct and medium-distance)

Coche: 5 hours by A-2

From Murcia

Train:  5 daily trains from Murcia del Carmen to Madrid: 4h 30 min + Madrid - Salamanca 

Coche: 6 hours by A-3 (619 kms)

From Bilbao

Train:  Daily: 5h 30 min 
           Departure:14:00 – Arrival: 19:37

Bus: 3 daily buses, 5-6 hours

Plane: 2 daily, from Madrid

Car: 4 hours by A-62 (397 kms)


From Palma de Mallorca

Boat: to Barcelona or Valencia and then continue from there as it has been indicated above.

Balearia has three daily journeys to Valencia/Dénia (08.00h, 10.00h y 12.00h) and two daily journeys to Barcelona (12:30h and 13:00h). The return from Barcelona on Sunday 12th has two options, at 22:00h and at 23:00h (nightime). The returning from Valencia/Dénia has three options, ay 17.00h, 21:45h and 22:15h (those two nightime).

Avión:  To Madrid, Valladolid, Barcelona or Valencia, and from there the journey can be continued as it has been indicated above. 

From Oviedo

Train: 4 daily trains, 5 h each journey

Coche: 3 horas by A-66

Gran Canaria and Tenerife (similar instructions in both cases)

Boat: To Huelva and Cádiz. From Tenerife 42h and Las Palmas 36h to Huelva, but from this city there are no direct trains or buses to Salamanca.

Avión: Flights from Madrid, and there the itineraries shown above.

From Cádiz

Bus: 2 daily departures with 9 hours journey.

Car: 6 hours by A-4 hasta Sevilla and from there A-66 north.