Accomodation Rules

Next we will show general information about the venue where the Mereth Aderthad will take place,  el Centro de Espiritualidad de los Padres Paúles at Santa Marta de Tormes.


We should not forget we are in a location which deals with other activies or needs, apart from our convention, and the staff who works in the centre enjoys a routine that we should adjust to. Therefore: 

  • The front desk is open along the day for making easier the movement of the people.
  • There is a manager 24 hours per day. He deals, apart from the front desk duties, with any need or urgency during the stay. For any incident during the night, a member of the organization must be contacted, and this person will speak to him. 
  • By night, the front desk is open until 1:30h for facilitating the house exit by everybody. The manager should be warned when someone goes out, because later he wil let you know which door you should use for getting into the complex (it depends on the hour).
  • The breakfast time is 9:00, lunch time is 14:00 and dinner time is 21:00. The can all be modified, except delaying dinner (we should respect staff timetable).
  • We kindly ask you to help tidying up the dining room (only take the dinner service and put them in the trolley). In this way, the staff duty will be easier for them.

Spaces for liturgy

The Spanish Tolkien Society and the Mereth Aderthad have a non-religious and secular nature, but the fact that the venue contains some spaces for liturgy, we consider it would be interesting to share them with people who would want to take advantage of them. 

  • 2ª CE Oratory (capacity for 20-25 people)
  • 2ª REF Oratory (capacity for 10 people)
  • CE Chapel (capacity for 60-70 people)
  • Big church (capacity for 400 people)