Music is the building material of Tolkien’s World, and through Music this World and its History are born, as everything that Is originates from the Choirs of the Ainur. First thing we find in the Ainulindalë is the creation of Nature, of Eä. Middle Earth’s aesthetic beauty has been and still is a source of inspiration and awe for Tolkien’s readers. Each Ainur have shaped this scenario that Arda becomes for the Professor’s stories and the characters who inhabit it.

Guided by the Valar’s hands, wade into the realms of their song.  Walk into Fangorn with Keméntari, march hunting alongside Oromë or lay to ret beside the pools of Ivrin with Ulmo; but beware of the cacophonies from the wicked Melkor! Share with us this trip through the Ainulindalë: Music and Nature in Tolkien.

With this elected theme, activities will be hosted by each of the Great Valar. We’d like to delve deep in the role of nature and music, thus we have chosen an idilic place for the former and in perfect consonance with the latter. Our passion for the project is such we have many ideas we would rather not share so they are a surprise for you all. But above all, this EstelCon is a project of the whole  Spanish Tolkien Society, and we would love that you cooperate with your conferences, workshops and activities.