Mereth Aderthad's concept

As in other Merith Aderthad before, ours is a framework of collaboration composed by an organising team complemented by individual contributions from members and friends of the Society, attendees and the team itself.

From the organization we will make our best to build a comfortable environment for the attendees, with every commodity provided. We will manage the schedule, logistics and essential activities (Welcome, Annual General Meeting, Storytelling Night, Music Night and Banquet), making sure everything runs smooth and efficient. We are here to help and support you, address any inquiry and provide any required materials to our best.

We wish for this Mereth Aderthad to be an event where everyone can put a bit on it. Do you have a lecture, a song, a written tale or a workshop you would like to share? Send us your proposal so every attendee can enjoy the different fields where each of us develop our studies, art and love for Tolkien’s work.

In past times, the organising committee would take on the vast majority of the work around both the framework and the content of an EstelCon. The results, always worth of high praise, would usually come at a cost to the group of volunteers in the form of too much work and weariness. For over more than a decade this organising model changed to a more open, collaborative and shared approach. That is why you might see on various parts of this website that the organising committee often asks the active participation of everyone so that we can together both fill up the activities schedule and sort out all kinds of support towards our Feast of Reuniting holding place.