How to participate?

To make it easier for you, after you fulfill your inscription and your personal profile, use the indicated link in the section “Do you want to participate?” and send us you proposal. This way, you can access to a specific area where you can input the headline and details of your activity, and also ask us for any requirements you need.

This Estelcon’2019 is, like the music from the choirs of the Valar, cooperative. You are already collaborating with just your attendance, but if you would like to further contribute, there are plenty of ways you can do it: a workshop on an interesting subject, showing us your interpretative or musical skills on a play or musical show, lecturing us on your favourite research topic related to Tolkien…

By joining our voices and hands, as the Ainur did, we can make together the EstelCon greater and more lovely. So, do not hesitate and please let us know any ideas you have, and we will try to make it happen as you picture them in your mind.

Another easy way of collaborating is the “Squire” option. What does this means? Well, that you are willing to help the organizing team with those tasks that always go down well with extra hands: assembling or removing chairs and tables from rooms, controling the access to activities, carrying equipment between halls, looking after other attendees, etc. If you really want to lend a hand, but you do not have the option of hosting a more elaborated activity, you can check the pertinent box o the inscription form. Once on the EstelCon, you will contact the Squire Coordinator and she will let you know what you can help with. We can assure you this is a light and gratifying task that will consume a minimal amount of your time.