What is the Tolkien Society of Spain?

The Spanish Tolkien Society (STE) is a cultural society whose objective is to promote, spread and study J.R.R.Tolkien's work. In it, there is space for diverse activities related to literature. mythology, linguistics, philology, drawings and illustrations, music, games... Everythings must be in Tolkien's work sphere.

Founded in 1991, the Society and its members organise courses at univeristies and cultural spaces, meetings, plays and musicals or literary, games and craft worshops. Moreover, there is a quarterly newspaper, ESTEL, and other publications. There are also literature, art and essay contests that are held every year. We also have committes which study some aspects of Tolkien's work in a deeply way: languages, music, literature, craftwork, games...

Annually, meetings and conventions are held, and they are open to everyone who wants to share some days with us around Tolkien's work. In addition, on 25th of March, we come to British Tolkien Society call, and we remember the day the Ring was destroyed by reading Tolkien's writings in different events around Spain. It is called Tolkien Reading Day.